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Prayer for Africa – A virtual run through the Sahel Zone

Prayer for Africa

Run for the World is an OM initiative in which Christian runners promote money for each other through competitions and prayers for various OM projects. Since it is difficult to organize a real match in the corona times, but the needs of the world are still there, there will be a run for the world: Sahel Virtual Run on April 9, 2021.

The Sahel region of Africa is spread over more than ten countries. It stretches from Senegal’s Atlantic coast to Sudan in the Red Sea and is a geographical transition zone between the Sahara in the north and the Savannah in the south. The cities of Nouakchott in Mauritania and Bur Sudan in Sudan are 9,000 kilometers away. International participants in the “Run for the World: Sahel Virtual Run” on April 9, 2021 would like to bring this distance together.

Almost have to cross the Sahel Zone

“This virtual flow invites the global congregation to participate in prayer through the work of God in the Sahel Zone,” explains OM Sports Director Chris Wellman. We will cover this distance together and travel to the Sahel Zone, while we pray for the nations that will cross over to the side of our prayer partners. As we all travel through this region together we will soak Sahel’s dry soil with prayer! “

Racers, prayer partners and supporters are invited to participate in the “Run for the World: Sahel Virtual Run” event on April 9, 2021 from 6 p.m. Under There is additional information and ways to register. Later in the year, “Run for the World” plans another (virtual) run in which the world – 40,000 kilometers – is to be circled.

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About OM: Operation Mobilization (OM) supports a very small number of dynamic communities of Jesus followers. It occurs through evangelism, disaster relief and development cooperation, church planting, commitment to humanitarianism and training and guidance.

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