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Preparing for the EU leaders meeting and reviewing the financing of European political parties in the General Council

Preparing for the EU leaders meeting and reviewing the financing of European political parties in the General Council

Preparations for the European Council meeting on 24-25 March 2022

The draft conclusions of the European Council will be discussed on 24 and 25 March. The agenda of the meeting of Heads of State and Government includes the situation in Ukraine, security and defense issues, Covid19 and the European semester.

The current security situation around the world underscores the need for a strong European Union that promotes peace and security in the part of the world in which we live and globally. It is important that the EU reacts in the current situation with firmness and determination while maintaining unity. The government supports a clearer strategic direction for European security and defense cooperation through the so-called Strategic Compass.

Revision of the Regulations for the Statutes and Financing of European Political Parties and European Political Institutions

EU ministers are expected to take a general, partial approach to reviewing the regulation. The government welcomes the simplification and clarification of the current rules and welcomes the fact that the co-financing rate has not changed, that electoral issues will continue to be primarily at the national level and that the scope of work of European political parties will not increase significantly.

European chapter

The French presidency is expected to present a report summarizing the council’s history so far in the various parts of the European semester this year. The report has not yet been communicated to Member States.

future of europe conference

The French presidency is expected to provide information at the Council meeting on the way forward and the ongoing process towards the final report and the conclusion of the conference.

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The government will continue to work to end the conference on May 9. The government insists that the role of the working groups is to prepare for the General Assembly and that they will not make decisions on priority proposals based on the results of citizens’ committees. The Government considers that the outcome of the conference should be pursued within the normal framework and mandate of the European institutions in accordance with the Joint Declaration.

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