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Prince Harry denied legal action over police protection

Prince Harry denied legal action over police protection

Earlier in May, legal proceedings began for the second time that Prince Harry’s lawyers are arguing that the Duke of Sussex should be allowed to appeal a previously taken decision not to allow him to pay for police protection in the UK.

The Committee for the Protection of Property and Public Figures (Ravec) had previously ruled that people should not be able to pay privately to receive police protection. The reason is that it would not be appropriate to allow the “rich” to pay for specialized police protection. On the other hand, the prince’s lawyers considered the decision illegal.

Therefore, lawyers pressed for the decision to be legally reviewed – a request that has now been denied.


Ravik argues that allowing a wealthy individual to pay for security services that he would not have had if he were less wealthy could undermine public confidence in the police. Allowing private funding for this type of security service would also reduce the availability of the limited specialist resource.

Judge of the British Supreme Court Writes in the resolution That “these services differ by their nature from police services provided at (for example) sporting or recreational events, because they involve the deployment of highly trained, specialized officers, of whom there are a limited number, who must put themselves at risk in order to protect my managers.” Ravec is that there are political reasons why these services should not be available for payment, even if other services are available. I can’t see anything irrational in that line of reasoning.”

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