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Putin’s mobilization is in full swing in Russia – “they take everything”

Putin’s mobilization is in full swing in Russia – “they take everything”

Clips released by the Russian Defense Ministry show that the new soldiers line up neatly to receive weapons. From elsewhere, there are testimonies of people being driven out of their homes in the middle of the night – regardless of medical history, age or military experience.

Activists and human rights organizations have also warned that the mobilization appears to be targeting ethnic minorities in particular. Alarms come from the Buryat sub-republic, among others, where large parts of the population belong to the Buryat minority group.

– There is nothing partial in the mobilization in Buryatia. They all take, Alexandra Garmashapova tells Reuters news agency.

Garmazhapova is the president of the Free Buryatia Foundation, which provides legal support to people who have been forcibly recruited.

Clips spread on drunken soldiers

According to SVT correspondent in Russia, Bert Sundstrom, concern about development is clearly felt in Moscow.

– There is no enthusiasm on the part of the population to send their husbands and sons to fight in Ukraine, where the risk of being killed is very high, Sundstrom said in Actuelt Thursday night.

It can also be seen that the willingness to fight is low in the tone of voice in social media. Since the mobilization began, several clips that were said to show soldiers arguing and behaving drunk in relation to the crowd have gone viral. The Washington Post attempted to verify the content of the clips, to no avail.

Data: can call up to a million

It is still unclear how many reservists will be called up during the mobilization. Regarding Putin’s order, 300,000 was the figure quoted by the Russian Defense Minister, but according to information provided to the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, the decree gives the military the power to call up up to one million people.

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However, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, employees who play a key role in the Russian economy will be exempted. This includes, among other things, some bank employees, IT engineers and journalists working for state media.

See photos of the Russian Ministry of Defense of the mobilization in the clip above.