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Putin’s shoes for the West: “Do not fall into the same trap” |  News

Putin’s shoes for the West: “Do not fall into the same trap” | News

The relationship between Russia and the countries is strengthening as relations with Western countries become increasingly cold. Trade between Russia and Asian countries has soared in the past year, and at the Eastern Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin praised cooperation and what he called a constructive approach.

– We see new centers of economic power and development emerging at the expense of – “I don’t need to mention any names but you know,” Putin says.

He went on to present an investment plan for the Far East that includes, among other things, commercial investment requests for a new gas pipeline between Volkhov, Murmansk and Belokamenka, wants to see more shipping lanes open with more terminals, and improve and expand the scope of the gas pipeline. Railways and 12 new highways.

Boot to the west

Vladimir Putin had a message for the world leaders in attendance.

– The president said that investing in Russia is more reliable and profitable, and does not fall into the same trap twice, referring to the “Global South” relationship with the West.

This year’s meeting, which is held every year in Vladivostok, Russia, is attended by representatives of the governments of 68 countries. Many countries in Africa are participating, along with large parts of Southeast Asia.

The tone of participants was mixed positive.

– Vice President of Laos Pani Yatoto said in his meeting with the President that the Russian economy continues to grow, and Moscow’s role and influence in the world and in the region, through the process of forming a multipolar global system, is constantly strengthening.

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