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Racism in the UK: Expert report praises progress

A Cultural War broke out in Great Britain over Black Lives Matter protests. The Commission of Experts has now concluded that racial origin does not play a role in explaining social differences – which also triggers a racist debate.

The racial background that explains socio-economic differences is said to have lost its significance.

Christopher Furlong / Getty

How racist is the UK? This question has been hotly debated in British comment columns and on social media – especially since the Black Lives Matter protests spread across the Atlantic last spring. In March, Prince Harry and his wife Megan, members of the royal family, recommended that they curb racism. Worried a few days ago Labor MP David Lamy’s radio interview caused a stir, Casually confronted an old listener who equated immigration with “pollution” and advised Lami to call herself British because of her Caribbean roots, but not English. On Wednesday, the final report of the Commission of Experts set up by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in response to the “Black Lives Matter” protests caused a stir. Significant result: There is really open racism in Great Britain (especially on the internet). Overall, however, this country can be described as “a model for other white countries.”

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