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Real Finns slow decisions about aid packages

Finland’s decision on this issue is of great importance, as the European Union cannot begin distributing funds before all member states agree to the support package.

True Finns has warned that the loan fund, which is being financed by loans, risks becoming the base for the European Union’s future work.

– When Parliament debated the issue before the first planned vote on Wednesday, Jussi Halla-aho of True Finns said that the support package is not a one-off event, has nothing to do with the coronavirus and does not support anything. to Yell.

The Christian Democrats are also opposed to the support package, and the ruling Center Party has expressed criticism.

Overnight until Friday, True Finns demanded to hear the Constitutional Committee’s opinion on whether the case could be postponed until June, something President Tarja Filatov (SDP) first rejected, indicating that the matter had already been postponed once before. SPT News Agency

But on Friday morning Filatov changed. The question went to an afternoon vote as Parliament decided not to delay the matter.

Thus, it is free to decide on the matter of the recovery fund. But when that might happen is unclear. To a question from Swedish YLEOn how long the party intends to continue the debate in the Riksdag, Lulu Run of True Finns responds:

There is no plan, but there are many speakers on the list.