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Record heat in India and Bangladesh – dozens of deaths – (ICOT) News

Record heat in India and Bangladesh – dozens of deaths – (ICOT) News

It is best to stay home between 2:30 in the afternoon. If you must go out, use an umbrella or cover your head in some other way.

The advice comes from Manmohan Singh, who is the head of an equivalent company to SMHI in India. Parts of neighboring India and Bangladesh are now experiencing higher-than-normal temperatures. In eastern India, schools are closed this week due to the heat. About ten people died of heatstroke in the western parts of the country after participating in the awards ceremony.

And in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, a new temperature record was set for this season last Saturday at 40.5 degrees. It has not been so hot since 1965. In Bangladesh, not only is it warmer than usual, but the nights are also cooler than usual. Temperature variations are similar to those that tend to be found in desert landscapes.

It is not unusual for it to be hot, dry and humid in countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, but in recent years the weather has been more severe and violent than usual. Last spring, the region experienced severe heat unusually early and crops dried up.

This year, the same agricultural fields in India received too much water and wheat crops were ruined because of it. The authorities warned to expect more extreme weather, especially heat, attributing this to climate change. Urbanization and air pollution also play a role in keeping heat near the Earth’s surface.