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Republicans are angry at Obama’s party

Former President Barack Obama celebrates 60 years.  Photo gallery.
Former President Barack Obama celebrates 60 years. Photo gallery.

Barack Obama’s big 60th birthday party on Saturday follows all US Public Health Agency guidelines to prevent the spread of infection. Despite this, Republican politicians are highly critical of the event.

Obama’s big birthday party, on the private island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, is being held in the middle of a delicate situation in the shadow of the pandemic. The contagious delta type of virus has recently caused cases to rise sharply.

The party is lined with precautions. Hundreds of participants must have been vaccinated and tested negative for the coronavirus. Sources in the American press stated that the event will be held in the open air and there will be a special “Covid Coordinator” on site.

In addition, the infection situation in Massachusetts is under control enough that authorities do not consider it necessary for vaccinated people to wear mouthguards indoors.

Criticisms on Twitter

Not surprisingly, however, prominent Republicans are critical of the president’s party.

Congressman Jim Jordan tweeted that if it was President Trump’s birthday, Democrats would ask “how could anyone be so careless” and think they were “killing people.”

“Do the exceptions apply to parties where wealthy liberal celebrities attend?” asks GOP chair Rona McDaniel.

Will Democrats require all guests to wear masks? , on Twitter Congressman Lance Gooden.

Biden will not come

The Trump administration has been criticized for hosting several major events at the White House during the pandemic before vaccines were available.

A ceremony celebrated the newly appointed Supreme Court justice at the time, Amy Connie Barrett, and was suspected of injuring dozens of people, including Trump himself.

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White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed Monday that Obama’s birthday party is being held outdoors with many precautions taken. President Joe Biden who was Barack Obama Vice President, you are not expected to attend.