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Review: Russian intelligence group linked to Havana Syndrome

Over the past decade, there have been hundreds of cases of US government employees, diplomats, and FBI and CIA personnel who suddenly developed symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headache, difficulty concentrating, and severe, painful ringing in the ears. The phenomenon known as “Havana Syndrome” can be linked to a Russian intelligence group known as 29155, according to an investigation conducted by the Russian newspaper “The Independent”. The insiderGermany's Der Spiegel and CBS' 60 Minutes.

Russia has long been suspected of being behind what are believed to be “microwave attacks”, which were carried out using directed energy or microwave weapons from hidden devices. According to the review, people from Intelligence Group 29155 must have used such targeted “energy weapons” and been in places where American employees suddenly developed symptoms.

Many officers 29155 is also said to have been rewarded and promoted for his work related to the development of “non-lethal sonic weapons”. In the Russian military context, this is what targeted audio and radiofrequency devices are called that can cause brain damage, according to The Insider.

An American military investigator who worked on “Havana Syndrome” cases speaks CBS The common denominator among the people who contracted the disease is that they worked “against or with Russia in mind and succeeded well in their work.”

Russia has always denied these accusations. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday commented on the review, calling it “unfounded accusations in the media,” Reuters wrote.

In the past, US authorities have said that it was unlikely that a foreign power was behind these events.

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I've got Havana Syndrome. It takes its name from the Cuban capital, Havana, where the first case was reported in 2016. Symptoms ranged from mild to so severe, that those infected were unable to work less. However, the new review shows that more cases occurred in Frankfurt, Germany, two years ago, when a US consulate employee suddenly lost consciousness due to, among other things, what he described as a “powerful energy beam.”

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