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Right-wing extremists are suspected of planning riots against the Pride Festival in the United States

– It seems that they were loading a small army in the car, said a witness who reported to the police about the gathering of the White Power Organization.

The men were wearing the military uniform of the far-right organization and their caps and hats when they were arrested. They wore insignia and hats bearing the name of the National Front.

The Jewish organization Anti-Defamation League (ADL) tracks anti-Semitism and racism as well as other hate crimes, and ranks the National Front as one of the most significant in the American far-right.

The police stopped the truck and the men with body armor, legs and other anti-riot equipment stood in the car with at least one smoke grenade.

Lee White, the city’s police chief during a press conference, said CNN reports.

White told me Police received a tip-off from someone who had previously seen the group in a car park outside a hotel.

The arrest should be smoothly.

It was a very quiet day on the whole, White tells me.

The FBI will support the local police in the initial investigation.

The car was parked near a park in the town of Coeur d’Alene where a pride festival was scheduled for Saturday. The police also increased their presence in the area due to the festival.

The 31 detainees came from 11 different states across the United States. Police say only one of them came from Idaho.

Last June, President Joe Biden declared Pride Month and several festivals are held across the country to celebrate sexual diversity. Democratic presidents have had a history of naming June Pride Month since 1999.

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