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Riot police opened fire on protesters in Beirut

Riot police opened fire on protesters in Beirut

In Beirut, thousands of people gathered to honor the victims of the blast that killed 214 people on the same day a year ago and flattened neighborhoods. Many carry pictures of the dead and demand that someone take responsibility for the tragedy.

Tatiana Hasruti, who lost her father in the explosion, says victims must continue to demand redress.

– We do not want any politician responsible for the explosion to remain in the government, say to the island.

Also Laila Abdo, whose son was murdered in his house next to the port, blames the country’s ruling politicians.

They are corrupt and criminals. Nobody helped us or called us, She tells The Independent.

A few hundred meters from the port area, protesters are said to have thrown stones at the parliament building in Beirut and at security forces. Some were also said to have attempted to climb over the gate to Parliament. Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters, hitting people with batons. According to the island.

According to the Red Cross, eight people were injured in the clashes.

after the explosion Last year, the Lebanese president said no to an independent international investigation, and the national investigation was silent. Requests to waive the immunity of senior politicians and former officials have been rejected. All those wanted for interrogation by Lebanese investigators denied any wrongdoing.

French President Emmanuel Macron said, on Wednesday, that the Lebanese leaders owe the people a right.

A report released by Human Rights Watch this week concluded that there are indications that some Lebanese officials were aware of the deadly risks of ammonium nitrate and tacitly accepted the deadly risks of ammonium nitrate. Reuters.

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