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Rishi Sunak: I want to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak wrote on Twitter that Britain was facing an economic crisis and that he stood as a candidate to sort this out and unite the party.

The Times reported that Rishi Sunak met Boris Johnson on Saturday night. No agreement was reached between the two, the paper’s director of policy Stephen Swinford tweeted Sunday morning.

He also wrote that Johnson told his supporters that he was the only candidate with the support of voters. Johnson has not yet officially announced his candidacy.

To run for party leadership For the Conservative Conservative Party, and thus for the Prime Minister, the support of at least 100 MPs is required. In all, 207 of the 357 Conservative MPs have announced who they support.

According to a BBC compilation At lunchtime on Sunday, Sunak has the support of 129 MEPs, while Boris Johnson officially has the support of only 55.

– He cannot be prime minister in a situation in which he explodes from within and takes the entire government with him. We can’t do that again, Steve Baker, the British minister in Northern Ireland and former supporter of Liz Truss, told Sky News.

Boris Johnson after he just landed at Gatwick Airport in London on Saturday.

Photo: Peter MacDiarmid/TT

By Boris Johnson It comes information that considers itself to have got the support of more than 100 members. Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg BBC says On Sunday, Johnson will run and “those who know the numbers” on Johnson’s staff say he has the necessary backing.

Benny Modonte, who has also announced her desire to run, has amassed 23 members behind her, according to the BBC. She denied reports that she had sought any kind of settlement with Johnson, adding that she would “win it”.

Les Truss resigned on Thursdayjust 45 days after she was replaced by Johnson as prime minister.

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