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Rising already has a release date

Rising already has a release date

We introduced two years ago The History of Ioden: One Hundred Heroesa game being developed by the original team of Suicodin And what did he have? Successful Kickstarter Campaign. One of the goals of this campaign was to create a mini prequel game called Ioden’s History: Rise It already has a release date.

The story of this title will take us to New Nawa, a town on the border of Al-A’an that was devastated by an earthquake. The disaster also revealed some mysterious relics near the city that attract fortune seekers. Adventurer CJ and beastman Garoo team up with Isha, the mayor of New Nevaeh, to rebuild the place with whatever magic and riches they find.

play Ioden’s History: Rise We can have the special equipment and cosmetics that we will use a hundred heroes When it goes on sale in 2023.

You can watch a video of the game in action below to appreciate the beautiful 2.5D art, courtesy of jimatsu:

What is the release date for Ioden’s History: Rise And what platforms will arrive?

This game is prequel a hundred heroes llegar√° a PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X | S and Nintendo Switch y PC (Steam, Epic Games Store y GOG) Tuesday 10 May 2022. It will cost $14.99 (about 56,000 COP).

source: jimatsu

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