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Rock star in minimal management in Bulgaria

With 99 percent of all votes now counted, ITN is 23.9 percent ahead of Gerb, who is looking with 23.7 percent to make the worst choice ever.

For a long time, Gerb seemed to be the biggest party, but ITN seems to be holding back in the riots.

Now the question remains whether ITN, which means “there is such a people”, will be able to form a government. The anti-establishment party has garnered a lot of support from popular protests in recent years against corruption and abuse of power, and Trifonov announced on Monday that he wanted to try to form a government himself, without joining a coalition.

Perhaps he can count on two parties considered close to ITN: the Anti-Corruption Democratic Bulgaria Party and ISMV (short for “Travel! Get out of the mafia!”). They currently receive 12.6 and 5 percent of the vote in the election, respectively.

Trifonov is a famous personality who has released more than 20 music albums and has also led the most popular talk shows in Bulgaria for the past 20 years. He has said that despite his leadership position in his party, he himself will not be part of the government. Commenting on the election results, Trifonov promised the Bulgarian people full transparency in the future.

– It is time for you to see with your own eyes everything that is happening in Parliament, he said in a televised speech.