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Russia Uses Iranian Drones – The Pentagon Underestimates Their Importance

Russia Uses Iranian Drones – The Pentagon Underestimates Their Importance

Recently, there have been more Russian attacks with so-called kamikaze drones in southern Ukraine. Among other things, in the area around Odessa, but also outside Kharkiv in the eastern part of the country.

Kamikaze drones, or as they are called in English, loitering munitions, are unmanned aerial vehicles that rotate in the air and independently search for pre-programmed targets. The drones can then hit the target and explode, hence the name “Kamikaze Drones”.

Her drones were substandard

since before The United States sent hundreds of drones From this type to Ukraine, Switchblade 300, Switchblade 600, and Phoenix Ghost.

Russia also used homemade drones with similar technology, but it was not accurate enough.

At a recent meeting in Moscow for the development of UAVs, a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Ishuk, noted that There is a great need for different types of dronesbut domestic manufacturers do not meet the military requirements for technical and tactical ability.

And now there are many indications that Russia is using drones purchased from Iran.

But the United States has played down the importance of the new drones. on me Press conference at the Pentagon, September 30 It is noteworthy that Iran also suffers from sanctions, which means that many components of the drones are not very technologically advanced.


– This indicates desperation on the Russian side, says Sasha Becker, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

She also said that the Russian military suffers from a significant shortage of equipment, forcing it to rely on unreliable countries such as Iran. According to her, the drones did not lead to the successes that Russia might have hoped for.

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We have seen evidence that drones from Iran were indeed responsible for many of the failures on the battlefield in Ukraine.