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Rybin.  A row during a meeting with Mateusz Morawiecki.  The mayor snatched the poster from the men

Rybin. A row during a meeting with Mateusz Morawiecki. The mayor snatched the poster from the men

Prime Minister Morawiecki is on a tour of Poland. On Saturday, he met with residents of Rybin in the province. Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The meeting was held at the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre. However, not all were able to meet the head of government.

– They don’t let anyone in from outside. The city guard said that anyone with a different opinion, not even those who knew by sight, could be accepted “Gazetta Viborza” One of the locals.

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He was taking 20 vitamin D supplements a day.

Morawiecki in Rybin. Resident with banner “Pinocchio is the worst liar”.

During the speech, the Prime Minister also referred to recent government decisions and returned to Donald Tusk. – There are debt holidays, Mr Tusk, because we are concerned about the Polish budget. These two are different Poland. Poland for the elect, this is what Donald Tusk wants – said Morawiecki.

During the speech, a man appeared behind the railing with a banner reading “Pinocchio, the worst liar” and a caricature of Mateusz Morawiecki. During the Prime Minister’s speech, the Rybin resident shouted “I agree, I agree.”

At this point, the mayor of the city, Paweł Gryzbowski, ran over and snatched the cardboard banner from the man. According to the account TVN24 This met with a backlash from counter-protesters and spectators. Applause and “Bravo!” There were also slogans.

Meeting with Prime Minister. Not every resident is allowed

As reported by “GW”, not everyone was allowed to meet the Prime Minister. Earlier, the mayor had to prevent groups of residents of Brodnica and Nowe Miasto Lubavski from entering the stadium.

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– We are biased. Only BIS voters are allowed in the meeting. We cannot discuss important matters with Prime Minister Morawiecki. We ask the Prime Minister to talk to you – shouted the residents of Bretno. – The mayor of Rybin came out to me and told me officially that I will not come to the meeting with the prime minister, and another said that we should invite Tusk to Brodnica.

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W Sunday Mateusz Morawiecki participates in the commemoration of the victims of the Augustov Roundup in the village of Gbi in Podlaski Voivodeship.

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