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"Sarnek, go!".  Struggle in front of the Ministry of Education.  "He dictates what children will learn" |  Policy

“Sarnek, go!”. Struggle in front of the Ministry of Education. “He dictates what children will learn” | Policy

Students, teachers and parents gathered in front of the Ministry of Education and Science on Monday afternoon. “Sorneck, go!” They were organized. Parents have the Voice Foundation, the National Women’s Strike, the LGBTQ + School Ranking and the “Free Science” Initiative. This event is related to the plans to amend the Education Act.

“We demand Schools Safe and acceptable to all students. Enough ideology! The power of the curatorial offices is enough! Discrimination is enough! The influence of the Church and Ordo Uris is enough! Enough Charneck! “- The organizers wrote in the announcements of the event.

Przemysław Czarnek and his reforms. Will there be a teacher strike?

“The government is planning more destructive changes to restrict the autonomy of schools and subordinate them to politicized curators. The curatorial offices will have a decisive influence in the appointment of principals and principals, and rebels will be fired at any time. There will be no civic education “- this was a warning.

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Dominica Lasotta: We call on the Ministry of National Education to make credible climate education a part of the curriculum (March 1 report)

“Sarnek, go!”. Resistance before MEiN

During the demonstration, “Yes to education, not to corruption”, “Education is a woman”, “We will not abandon the campaign”, “Education, not instruction”, “Polish family is not just a boy, a girl”, “These are people, not ideology” “,” We are not indifferent “,” Down with Sorneck “,” Hey, fanatics, off the blackboard “,” We are abandoning our children. “

– Today we are under the so-called Ministry of Black Magic, which threatens teachers and educators with discipline, silences students, introduces probation officers-lawyers to schools, restricts the rights of school principals and principals, and deprives parents of the right to make decisions about extracurricular activities. Knowledge of community and ethics at an elementary school in Legionovo, Sidjiak.

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Minister Presmisla Sornek visits the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Pythagoras“History of a particular fence”. Jornek introduces Polish order in schools

Warsaw Councilor Dorota Oboda, one of the leaders of the parents against the education reform movement, in turn argued, “The Polish school has the face of a teacher, a student, a headmaster, not a face distorted by the minister’s hatred.” – Minister Sarnek will be the headmaster of every school in Poland, he will dictate what our children will learn and who will be the headmaster – said Oboda.

– Minister Sarnek puts a muzzle and muzzle with the proposed changes in Polish education, directors, directors, private companies. We know why he does this. Salt in the eyes of the Ministry of Education and Science, principals, principals, teachers and faculty, openness, diversity and security are still values ​​in the school – said activist Dominic Cook.

– The Ministry of Education wants to reduce these values ​​with the help of education boards – he stressed.