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Scandal in Norway: Solberg’s husband suspected of insider trading |  News

Scandal in Norway: Solberg’s husband suspected of insider trading | News

At the end of August, Norwegian financial newspaper E24 asked Erna Solberg questions about her husband Synder Feeney’s buying and selling of stocks during her time as Prime Minister.

Erna Solberg responded that she had sufficient information about Finne’s stock ownership.

Thursday 31 August:

E24 publishes an issue about Sindre Finne’s stock trading during Erna Solberg’s time as Prime Minister.

Friday 1 September:

E24 asks follow-up questions about Finne’s stock trading.

Erna Solberg responded that she had no doubt that Finnis was not telling the truth.

Monday 4 September:

E24 asks more questions about Finne’s stock dealings.

Erna Solberg answers that she has enough information to evaluate her integrity.

Wednesday 6 September:

E24 presents a list of 22 short-term deals concluded by Sindre Finnes during the last four months of Erna Solberg’s term as Prime Minister.

Erna Solberg contacts Finnis, who explains that he has resumed short-term trading during this period due to the liquidation of a fund.

E24 publishes status on 22 deals.

Thursday 7 September:

Erna Solberg begins to doubt Finn’s explanations, but takes no action.

Friday 8 September:

Erna Solberg increases her doubts about Finn’s explanations.

She is asking for a full overview of Finne’s stock dealings during her time as Prime Minister.

Sunday 10 September:

Erna Solberg asks Finnis about the progress of the overview.

Monday, September 11 (Election Day):

E24 reported that Finnis concluded 72 deals at Nekkar during a certain period of time.

Erna Solberg is waiting to comment on the case until she receives the comprehensive overview.

Tuesday 12 September:

Erna Solberg gets partial access to documents related to Finne’s stock trades and plans a meeting to get a full overview.

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Wednesday 13 September:

The meeting is held where Finnes presents documents about his stock trades.

It becomes clear that Finnes made over 3,600 finishes.

Thursday 14 September:

Erna Solberg reports the matter to the Working Committee of the Right Party.

Friday 15 September:

Erna Solberg holds a press conference where she gives an overview of Finne’s stock trading to the press.

The text has been translated and condensed from NRC which published Hoyer’s entire self-compiled timeline.