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Schools and tourist attractions were forced to close

Published on 2024-06-12 10.54

Close the famous tourist destination Parthenon.

A heat wave is heading towards Greece, and tomorrow the temperature is expected to rise to 40 degrees.

Then workplaces, schools and the Parthenon are forced to close.

During Wednesday, the 2,500-year-old Parthenon temple in Athens will remain closed to tourists due to the early heat wave that swept across the country.

In the capital, the temperature could reach 36 degrees, and tomorrow the temperature is expected to rise to 40 degrees, Norway's NTB reports.

The heat also threatens to affect areas where there is the greatest fire risk.

Schools were also closed as a result of the heat wave in Greece.

School closures

The Greek newspaper wrote that the Greek authorities also took measures to secure the country's electricity supply, urged employees in the public sector to work from home and closed schools. Kathimerini.

The Ministry of Health also increased the readiness of ambulances in the country.

Greece had previously been used to heatwaves later in the summer. But since 2007 it has become increasingly popular already in June. The Parthenon was also forced to close last summer due to the heat that struck southern Europe.