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SD ads on subways spark outrage

SD ads on subways spark outrage

Local trade union Seko Tunnelbanan sees the whole thing as a security risk, reports Seko newspaper.

– The train can be attacked by various opponents of the SD. Our drivers feel vulnerable, CEO Janis Constantis tells Sekotidningen.

The entire existing train is decorated with the SD logo and the texts “Welcome aboard the Victory Train” and “SD 22” on the doors.

“Political advertising is allowed”

According to Constance, this is the first time that Train has published partisan political ads at home and abroad.

– It’s a matter of stickers inside the train, he says and requires the employer MTR to carry out a risk assessment.

In a commentary to Sekotidningen, SL’s press department wrote that political advertising has been allowed on public transport since 1988, and that, according to the constitution, all political parties must be treated equally. “This means that all political parties have the right to present their messages and buy advertising space.”

Tobias Anderson, a spokesperson for legal policy at SD, also has chirp Picture of the train with the caption: “Welcome to the return train. You have a one-way ticket. Next stop, Kabul!”. This post elicited strong reactions.

“a racist view of humanity”

center leader Annie Love He described it as “disrespectful and racist.” President of the Association of Liberal Youth Romina Bourmakhtari. Type That position attested to “a sickly racist and inhuman view of humanity.” Attorney General Morgan Johansson (S) believes that “SD brought hate into Swedish politics”. Climate Minister Annika Strandhal (S) believes that “Questions about this should be asked of Jimmy O’Kesson”, while former Secretary of State Margot Wallstrom Type that “if Christerson has any backbone, it’s referring to this.”

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Tobias Anderson speaking TV4 News That his intent was to play “insult” the people who criticized SD’s ad campaign on the subway.

– The somewhat provocative tweet attracted a huge reaction from people who wanted to shift the focus from objective politics to my tone, he told the channel, adding that he does not regret what he wrote.