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SD Idols in Hungary lose EU support

Now Jimmy Okeson can fight for Victor Urban

Aftonbladet opening page He is an independent social democrat.

Jimmy Okesson celebrates the results of the Swedish Democratic elections.
Jimmy Okesson celebrates the results of the Swedish Democratic elections.

Hungary could lose 80 billion in EU aid if it doesn’t Victor Urban The government begins to take legal certainty and work against corruption seriously. The EU’s budget director, Johannes Hahn, told us this weekend.

It’s about time, there were probably a lot of people who cried. The Hungarian government has dismantled the institutions important to a democratic society. The corruption surrounding the ruling Fidesz party was allowed to spread.

sabotage suggestion

In the European Union, the Hungarian government has been subverting the proposals. Regardless of whether it came to accepting refugees or imposing sanctions on Russia, Orban sat in the crossfire.

Victor Urban.
Victor Urban.

The European Parliament said this week that Hungary can no longer be described as a full democracy.

At the same time, Hungary is one of the countries that pay the most support from the European Union. Subsidies from taxpayers in other EU countries, such as Sweden.

It is unreasonable. Sweden is one of the countries that push on So that it is possible to withdraw funds. Decisions can now also be taken by qualified majority. The veto went to authoritarian regimes.

There will be a vote

Without quick reforms in Hungary, EU leaders will soon have to vote to withdraw aid to the country. The new government that makes up Ulf Christerson will lead the Voice of Sweden.

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It’s supposed to be easy. Totalitarian regimes that ignore the rules of democracy should not have the support of the European Union.

The only question is whether it will really be that easy.

When the European Union Parliament voted overwhelmingly to characterize the Hungarian state as a kind of autocracy, all but two of the Swedish members voted in favour. Swedish Democrat Charlie Wimmers and his party dissident friend Peter Lundgren sided with Viktor Orban.

Swedish Democrat Jessica Steigrud did not appear. Otherwise, Orbán may have received three Swedish votes.

Idol to SD

After all, Swedish Democrats usually describe Hungary as a case in point.

The question then becomes, how will the Swedish Democrats affect the Swedish government’s position? What does it mean for moderates and Christian Democrats that their governmental power rests Jimmy Åkessons specific? How will policy be changed by the officials who will be appointed by the Swedish Democrats to the government office?

The answer may be, not at all. Not even Jimmy Okesson should want to fight for Swedish money to feed corruption in Hungary. It’s a hard line to defend.

The answer could also be the opposite. As I said, Orban is a role model for many of Sweden’s democrats. As the second largest party in the Swedish parliament, they help shape Swedish politics.

In a few months, Sweden will take over the presidency of the Federation.