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SD: No to the AfD and the National Assembly, and no to Fidesz

SD: No to the AfD and the National Assembly, and no to Fidesz

The success of right-wing nationalist and extremist parties in large countries such as France and Germany affects the composition of the European Union Parliament. It brings to life the issue of trying to bring together far-right forces in the same party group in order to increase the political influence of members.

Charlie Weimers, the SPD's top candidate in the EU elections, does not believe in this idea.

There are those who dream of becoming greater than the political forces that have so far dominated the European Union. I don't see that as possible. He says the differences in foreign policy approaches are very profound.

In plain language, it is about Regarding the relationship with Putin and Russia. Parties such as the French National Assembly and Germany's Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) failed in their support for Ukraine, according to Weimers. If there is a “supergroup”, he believes it will be without many parties in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, such as the SD.

However, cooperation on concrete issues is another matter, regardless of whether it concerns parties on the left or right of the political ladder.

– With a majority, we can move policy forward. Whether we do this with three, four or five party groups is less important.

In the European Union Parliament there Right-wing nationalist parties that are not today part of any group. The largest is the Hungarian government party Fidesz, which has twelve members. Prime Minister Viktor Orban did it Repeatedly He expressed his desire to be part of the SD Party group (ECR).

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Photograph: Geert Vanden Wegengert/AP

Meanwhile, in addition to pushing Hungary in an authoritarian direction, Orban has withheld aid to Ukraine and continued to strengthen contacts with Putin.

– We would prefer to see Fidesz join somewhere else, commented Charlie Weimers.

Is it an electoral promise that the SPD will not sit in the same party group as Fidesz?

– No, I cannot make this promise. The promise I can give is that we will work to ensure that Fidesz's foreign policy does not influence the policy of our caucus.

He says the SD is ready to leave the European Council if Fidesz is allowed to become a member. SD may also consider forming a group within ECR. Such a solution exists in the Green Group in Parliament, which includes the Catalan and Galician independence parties.

fact.Advance for right-wing nationalists in the European Parliament elections

In the European Parliament, national parties cooperate in party groups across national borders. Right-wing nationalist parties are part of the ECCR, part of Identity.

I am the European Council (European conservatives and reformists) include the Swedish Democrats, Polish Law and Justice, True Finns, Italian Brothers, and Spanish Vox.

In the identity group (Identity and Democracy) includes the French National Assembly, the Italian League, the German French Development Agency, and the Austrian Freedom Party.

Some ideologically close parties do not belong to any party group. Including the Hungarian Fidesz party.

According to forecasts by opinion institute Ipsos, ECR will grow from 68 to 76 members today and ID from 59 to 81.

The “Grand Group” of the European Council and the entire Democratic Party will gather 157 members after the election and become the second largest party group in Parliament, after the Christian Democratic European People's Party.

source: Ipsos/Euronews

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