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SD official regrets emailing at coffee break – office chief resigns

The SD official wanted to celebrate Nazi Germany’s attack on Poland and emailed 30 people in the Riksdag office of the Swedish Democrats inviting them to a memorial coffee in the Riksdag.

The head of the Swedish Democrats’ office, Sami al-Midal, told Aftonbladet that the coffee has been cancelled.

– The employee apologized and explained why it was written the way it was written and the coffee was canceled, Sami Al Midal previously told Aftonbladet.

Announcing now Swedish Democrats that the advisor Sami Al-Midal will leave the party, which Expressen was the first to report on.

Something the party also says to Aftonbladet.

– The counselor, after a longer period of discussions, chose to move forward. He will spend his last day with us on Monday, says SDP press officer Oskar Cavalli Björkman.

The SD official who called for the coffee says he regrets it.

-I’m usually called generic coffee in the office and it’s become a bit of a signature for inviting coffee parties, preferably with slightly longer scripts. This time my invitation was very wrongly interpreted, which I really regret. I can understand that, because I express myself incredibly clumsy now, he tells Expressen.

SD Press Director Oscar Cavalli Björkman told Expressen that he remains highly critical of the official’s call.

Email is a rare example of ill-considered and unclear communication.

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