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Second Corona wave in India – India enters the 2nd wave – with global effects – News


Vaccine company India needs serum in the second corona wave. This is having massive repercussions for Africa.

The recurrence of the number of corona infections in India is associated with a decline with the caution of many Indians on the one hand. Laura Hofflinger, Indian correspondent for Spiegel, says: “For months now, people have been believing that the worst is over, because anything is possible in the country.”

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health recently confirmed the discovery by scientists of so-called “dual mutants” in addition to the British and Brazilian virus strains. It was too small to get a second wave from it, officials said and warned of panic.

For several months now it has been believed that the worst situation is over by the end of the year, as anything is possible in the country.

Fear of a second lock

After the initial lock-up India found that the virus did not cause as much damage as other countries. Many people died, but fewer than in Europe, for example – due to the average younger Indian population.

According to Hufflinger, the biggest problem for India is the lockout: if every year millions of Indians could rise to the middle class in general, millions of people would slip into poverty because of the corona. Accordingly, the question of whether India can buy a second lock is still urgent as the second wave rolls across the country, Spiegel correspondent Heflinger said.

Not yet interested in the vaccine

According to Hufflinger, the vaccination campaign in India began slowly. Although Indians, like many in Europe, are not skeptical about vaccines, the benefits in hospitals are of little use: “There is a vaccine, but no one wants it.” There is a specific shortage of vaccine. Nor did the corona cause such great damage due to lack of awareness.

There is a vaccine, but no one wants it. There is a certain amount of vaccine laziness.

In addition, many Indians still work as day laborers. Vaccination is free, but they have to take half a day off, there will be no income. “Accordingly, the upper middle class in particular can be vaccinated, while workers from the slums are completely absent,” says Hofflinger.

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What about Kovacs duties?

According to Hufflinger, India with a population of 1.3 billion will now somehow try to manage the second wave. Isolated locks, increased mask requirements and intensified vaccination campaigns. Despite the large capacity and global exports, the government openly fears that the vaccine will not be enough. This explains the five million parked cans for Great Britain.

According to Hufflinger, the real problem is growing in Africa because India is the main supplier of the global Kovacs initiative for a fair distribution of vaccines. We are talking about more than one billion vaccine sizes by the end of the year for Africa and South Asia. If these do not come as promised, large parts of Africa will be left empty for weeks or months.