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Secret document on nuclear weapons was with Trump

Secret document on nuclear weapons was with Trump

According to the newspaper, which refers to several sources, some documents that were in the residence of former President Mar a-a-Lago in Florida should have carried such a tight security classification that only the president and his closest associates could access them. .

As for the document, which contains information about nuclear weapons of foreign powers, it is not clear which country is involved.

The Washington Post wrote that documents of this caliber are only issued to government employees who have a specific need to access information.

It’s not clear where sensitive materials were found at Trump’s home, which also doubles as a members’ club, or if any security measures were taken to protect it.

Trump: politically motivated

During the house raid, the FBI took 33 boxes of items with them. It contained more than 100 classified documents. Among other things, there was such in Trump’s office.

The published research memo shows that the FBI is investigating potential violations of three federal laws, the most serious of which falls under the Espionage Act. The suspicions are not related to direct espionage, but to the collection, publication, or loss of classified material.

Trump previously claimed the campaign was politically motivated. On Monday, a federal court granted his request to appoint an independent private investigator to review the circumstances surrounding the raid.

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When Donald Trump left the presidency in January 2021, he took documents with him to his Florida residence. picture: Reuters