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SEGA Collaborates with Roblox: Sonic Speed ​​Simular is the new game for the Blue Hedgehog video game. technology | Technique

a few weeks ago, SEGA released the second part of the Sonic movie. This feature film has established itself as one of the best video game adaptations of the big screen in the United States. To continue the blue hedgehog noise, the company made a file In collaboration with Roblox to take him to the game.

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In addition, SEGA is preparing a new title called Sonic Frontiers. Before we can get into combat and exploration, we can enjoy Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.


Roblox has positioned itself as a platform to create and enjoy different games. Currently, the title has more than 3000 million registered players.

Finally, in collaboration with Gamefan Studios, Roblox and SEGA have made a new Sonic game. This has been christened as Sonic Speed ​​Simulator and is an official title of the franchise.

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator.

At this time, it is in the testing phase. Within the game, you can increase speed as you advance in the worlds and earn rewards ranging from pets to appearances.

In the game roblox you can find four different worlds, where we will also find the classic Green Hill area. In subsequent updates, a fifth map and more bosses will arrive.

“Part of the challenge in reviving Sonic Speed ​​Simulator was balancing the technical rules and limitations of a platform like Roblox with creating a game based on the AAA franchise,” said Joe Ferencz, CEO of Gamefam.


If you want to access Roblox to be able to play Sonic Speed ​​Simulator, you can do so through PC, MAC, Xbox One or mobile devices.

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