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Serena Williams answers journalists' most important questions in two words: Tennis

Serena Williams answers journalists’ most important questions in two words: Tennis

Serena Williams ended her previous game at Wimbledon with surprisingly quick and unpleasant circumstances. Due to injury, the scratch fell after six games of the first set in the opening game. In the coming months, until it suddenly appears that he will present himself at this year’s London edition, there are no signs that he will return to the game anytime soon. Due to the long break, the longtime leader of the world rankings is currently ranked 4th on the WTA list, but he does not have to worry about competing. If she wants to play, no one can doubt that she can count on being called a wild card. Initially, Harmony Dawn was ranked 115th on the list. The French woman of Asian descent, who made her Wimbledon debut, fought for more than three hours and won 7: 5, 1: 6, 7: 6 (10-7).

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Comfortable Don. “If I had played with anyone else, the result would have been different.”

The American left the federal court and made no sign that he would finally say goodbye to London and the entire tennis tournament. Apparently, that’s all she waited for until she revealed more plans. However, a clear answer is not available.

– What should I do now? I do not know. Like I said before the match – I only plan on a continuous basis. I go from there noticing how I feel when making decisions. Am I more likely to come back, or not? I can not answer this question. I do not know. Who knows? Who knows where I am going now? – The court star asked rhetorically.

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Shortly before Wimbledon, he decided to play only in the doubles section of the WTA tournament in Eastbourne. Most voices say he is completely unprepared to compete. A lot of people pointed out that he was overweight and said his acting in London could be disgraceful. It did not happen, however you do not have to be a tennis expert, the American player was far from in a good mood. At first she played very tense and made mistakes in simple situations, already in the middle of the first set, she breathed heavily after a series of actions, and she had big problems when it came time to run for the ball.

The lack of movement of the famous rival was so heavily used by Don that he made her as tired as possible by slides and shortcuts.

– I think the benefit would have been different if I had played with someone else. But I was not ready for that. I mean, I was. I know there will be a lot of slides, but not so much for things like forehand. I had to try to find my rhythm in it, Williams analyzed.

Teaching heroism. “I gave everything I could”

Slightly paradoxically, the 40-year-old performed better and better in the following sets. After a long break in the match it was clear that he was slowly regaining his momentum. The need for a slightly longer transition or shortcut to each was still a problem for her. However, she was satisfied with herself and she bravely corrected the shortcomings so that she could give personal lessons.

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– I thought I was physically well. At the last few points, I struggled a lot (smile), but I started to feel like I was moving well, punching a lot of balls back. I also moved well during training. This did not surprise me as I knew I was fine. I haven’t trained for three hours of competition, and maybe this is where I went wrong – she rated.

The American and Dan created a terrifying scene that captivated audiences in the stands of Center Court and in front of TV sets. The first of them got a chance at this meeting and she wasted it. He led 4: 2 and 5: 4 in the first set, 4-0 at the Super Die Break.

– In the main balls, it seems to me that you need the right mindset to win some of these actions. One or two, I was able to do it, but it was definitely not enough, she pointed out.

When asked if this match would be his last Wimbledon memory, he denied that he would be happy.

– Of course not. You know me. I am definitely not satisfied with this. But today I did what I could. Maybe tomorrow I can do more about myself. Maybe a week ago I could have given more about myself. But that’s all I can do today. Occasionally have to compromise. This is all I can do. I can not turn the time or anything like that. That’s all I could do on that particular day – she finished.

Failure in such situations has different effects on players, they are closer to the end of their lives than the beginning. Williams, however, reassured her that she would rather go and train now than spend more time relaxing.

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– That’s when you don’t play badly and are very close. I struggled and did what I could. I was quiet, I was not angry. It was a personal success for me, the biggest success ever. She ended up smiling that I had not destroyed any rockets.

He made his Wimbledon debut in 1998 and has won this prestigious competition seven times. When asked about his legacy, he pointed out that he has not yet made a summary.

“But if I have to do them, I think I’ve been good on the grass.” Maybe not today, but in general – she pointed out.

Finally, a question arose about his desire to play in the US Open Grand Slam series, which takes place in August and early September this year.

– In New York, where I won my first Grand Slam title, playing at home has always been special. There is a lot of motivation to progress and play, Williams admitted.