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Serie A.  Genoa - Napoli.  Alexander Buxa made his Serie A debut in Genoa

Serie A. Genoa – Napoli. Alexander Buxa made his Serie A debut in Genoa

Prior to this season the Polish youth representative went to Italy, where he parted ways with Visco Krakow. Despite playing for the White Star’s junior teams for many years, the footballer did not want to pursue his career in Poland. His new team is Genoa, where he gets opportunities on the first team.

The first opportunity to showcase your talent in the Italian league appeared on Sunday. Alexander Buxa made his Serie A debut against Napoli, but his team did not score a single point.

Serie A. Alexander Buxa made his debut in the Italian League

Napoli took the lead in the 39th minute after a goal from Fabian Ruiz. During the break the coach made two tactical changes, one of which was the introduction of Alexander Buxa to the playing field. In the 69th minute, the Pole could have celebrated the equalizer, but Napoli were still able to win after Andrea Pedagni’s victory.

Importantly, the Pole took an active part in Genoa’s unrecognized goal. It was only after he misjudged the Napoli goalkeeper that the referee did not recognize the victory. Also, Napoli’s second goal came after a free-throw, which was ordered by Buxa’s error.

The next Genoa match will not take place until September 12, when the Polish team will play against Cochlear. Alexander Buxa may get another chance.

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