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Several people were killed in turbulent Afghan National Day celebrations

On Thursday, the Afghan people celebrate their liberation from the British Empire in 1919. The national holiday led to celebrations and protests in several parts of the country.

People took to the streets and squares with the black, red and green Afghan flag. But in several places, the Taliban replaced the flag with one with the message “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

full control

In Kabul, a crowd of women, children and men chanted, “We know who we are.” According to director Jordan Byron, the crowd was shot and the women were brought home in the morning. However, protests continued.

“Incredibly brave Afghan women led the way screaming into the megaphones,” Byron wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have consolidated their grip on the capital, says Expressen reporter Magda Gad. They now have such control that they no longer need roadblocks.

“They have collected other people’s weapons, and they have a lot of weapons themselves, so they sit on all the violent capital.”, she writes on Twitter.

The Taliban opened fire on protesters

During the celebration in the city of Asadabad, riots broke out after the Taliban opened fire on the people, according to witness Mohammad Salem. Reuters.

– There were hundreds of people who came out.

– At first I was afraid and did not want to go out, but when I saw my neighbor turning away, I also raised my flag, he says.

Salem bears witness to the bloody chaos that erupted when the Taliban suddenly started shooting.

“Several people were killed and injured in a state of panic and with Taliban bullets,” he added.

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According to Reuters, has also been demonstrated in the city of Jalalabad and Kabul. In Jalalabad, three people were killed yesterday when the Taliban opened fire in connection with a demonstration.

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