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Several wounded in attacks against Russia

Russian shells were fired at the Belgorod region earlier.  Archive photo.

Ukraine attacked several regions in Russia during the night.

An apartment building in Belgorod was bombed and an oil depot was set on fire in eastern Crimea.

The city of Belgorod was attacked at two o'clock in the morning on Thursday, local time. Black smoke rose from the central parts of the city, and according to local authorities, about ten residential buildings were affected. The city mayor posted pictures from a residential area on social media, where large holes could be seen in the facades of houses and many cars burned.

Five people were injured by shrapnel and were taken to hospital, according to Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. In the nearby town of Dubovoye, the attack also reportedly caused damage.

Attacks oil

At approximately the same time, drones bombed an oil depot in the Russian city of Krasnodar, east of the annexed Crimean Peninsula, according to Russian and Ukrainian reports. The attack caused a large fire in the facility.

The United States recently advised Ukraine not to attack Russian oil facilities, as it is feared that this could have dire consequences for global oil trade.

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that Russian air defense fully repelled a Ukrainian missile and drone attack. It is also said that some drones were shot down over the Bryansk and Kursk border regions.

At least six people were killed on Monday in a drone attack on a small town in the Belgorod region. Another 30 people were said to have been injured.

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Drones from the sea

In Ukraine, a major drone attack was reported in the southwest, in the Odessa region. The Ukrainian Air Force announced on Thursday morning that 17 out of 20 attack drones that came in the direction of the Black Sea had been shot down. It is not clear what happened to the other three planes.

On Wednesday night, Russia attacked the country with an unusually large number of robots and drones, mainly targeting energy supplies in the capital, Kiev, and the western city of Lviv.