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Shazam gives 5 months of Apple Music: How to claim it

Shazam is giving up to five free months of Apple Music (Image: Archive)

Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially if it’s something they use on a regular basis music stream. That’s why at this time Shazam Donates Up to five months of Apple Music for free.

In 2018, Apple bought Shazam, the platform everyone uses to discover the names of the songs they love. After several years of working in iOS and Android Launch a promotion for Attract users to Apple Music.

Although many prefer spotify, Nearly half a year of free music can be tempting enough to switch streaming services.

For those who did not have a profile on the platform before, they are abandoned Five months of Apple Music, Mainly ideal for those who have an iPhone or Apple device; Although it is not exclusive as it can also be used by Android users.

    Apple Music for macOS (Photo: Europa Press)
Apple Music for macOS (Photo: Europa Press)

For those who already have a profile on the platform but left it, they can return to Apple Music with two months as a gift, Courtesy of Shazam.

This alliance occurs because of Both products belong to the same brand It will allow you to use Apple Music for two to five months for free.

Apple and Android users who want to take advantage of this offer should Enter the link: Then you should select the option “Connect Apple Music” located on the top right. If you are using an iPhone, a QR code will appear which you will need to scan to continue.

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Then a notification will appear asking you to “Verify your identity”; If you don’t have one apple id The page will ask you to create one, otherwise you just have to enter your details.

 "Apple Music" (Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa)
Apple Music (Photo: Sebastian Kanert/DPA)

Anyone can claim this opportunity Until January 31, 2022 So take advantage of the fact that Shazam has given up several months of Apple Music.

You must remember that if you do not want to pay the subscription, you must cancel your account at least one day before the end of the free trial period. In this case it would be better to set a reminder so that no group is processed.

Apple has updated the Music app for its desktop operating system macOS, Apple Music, con máoriginal features which allows for a faster process of reproducing music and in the use of “streaming” tools.

Get Apple Music for free (Image: Capture)
Get Apple Music for free (Image: Capture)

American brand announced macOS Monterey Beta, in its version 12.2, and among the novelties of the “software” testers 9to5Mac Report an update to the original Apple Music app, which replaced iTunes in 2019.

With the macOS 12.2 beta update, Apple Music is integrated Additional functions in the original, such as song search and interface When it comes to displaying results, they are no longer displayed as web pages.

This novelty also begins to allow Faster and easier process When its users interact with third-party streaming services. Likewise, the update also improves the operation when moving the screen, adding keyboard gestures, adapting it to new panels with higher refresh rates and the ProMotion functionality in the MacBook Pro.

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(With information from Europa Press)

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