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She did!  Eva Svoboda in 11 seconds in the 100m run!

She did! Eva Svoboda in 11 seconds in the 100m run!

The best result ever in the life of Eva Svoboda was 11.07 seconds, obtained in Berlin three years ago. A few days ago in Chorzów, during the Janusz Kusociński memorial, Sprinter showed that she was in good condition. Then, his time was 11.08 seconds, which was slightly worse than the record. Today he had to run twice in Swazki – first he won the qualifying round (11.29 seconds) and then he showed the best class in the final. There she competed with herself – she defeated the next Magdalena Stepanovich in 0.22 seconds. At the finish line, she could not believe she had crossed the hundred so quickly – the clock initially showed 11.00 seconds, and after a while it adjusted to 10.99.. – Bravo, Bravo! She screamed. Unfortunately, the competition was with very strong winds in the rear – 2.4 / V in the rear, and the allowable value was 2.0 m / s. This means that the results will be counted as much as possible, but not as life records.

– I was shocked because I was so relaxed today. The qualifying round was like that, so I thought there would be some benefit if I got stuck in the final – Ewa Swoboda later said on TVP Sport. In Suwałki, he has already won his sixth gold medal at the Polish Championships. Somehow she did not complain about the wind. “At least he was in the back, not in the face,” she laughed. She also revealed that she missed the start a little today because she missed a leg that day. – There is room for improvement, especially since I still have to run on new spikes.

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Eva Svoboda has already excelled in the indoor season, but was of no use in winning a medal at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. Now he has two target events: the World Cup in Oregon in July, and then the European Championship in Berlin in August. – Belgrade was an impetus for hard work. When I reached my first goal, I went down in 11 seconds. Here I make a point – she smiled in front of the camera.

So far, Eva Kosprisic is the only Polish woman to run the 100 meters in less than 11 seconds. 10.93 seconds set in Grudziądz 36 years ago – Olimpia Poznań’s sprinter set the Polish record.

  • 1. Eva Svoboda (AZS AWF Katowice) – 10.99 p.
  • 2. Magdalena Stepanovich (AZS AWF Katowice) – 11.21 p.
  • 3. Martina Cotvila (Optima Radome) – 11.28V
  • 4. Marika Bobovich-Tropala (Javischa Bytkos) – 11.29 V
  • 5. Claudia Adamech (Javissa Bitcoin) – 11.34 V
  • 6. Wiktoria Grzyb (MKL Szczecin) – 11.48 p.
  • 7. Marlina Cola (Bottley Biastock) – 11.65 p.m.
  • 8. Isabella Justrask (Acros Jamosk) – 11.68 v