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She received a fine of half a million after a dispute with a car workshop

She received a fine of half a million after a dispute with a car workshop

In the fall of 2017, a man brought his car to a workshop in Norway to have it painted. But this led to a dispute with the workshop.

The car owner was dissatisfied with the work performed. In addition, the workshop demanded payment for overtime, and claimed that it was a verbal agreement, which the car owner denied and refused to pay for.

The garage refused to return the man’s car until the bill was paid. Meanwhile, the garage began charging a daily parking fee for vehicle storage.

“It’s absolutely incredible”

Three years later, the car owner paid the bill for the plate. But the garage still refuses to return the car until the man pays the accumulated parking fees.

After six years of litigation, the case finally ended up in district court last month. By then, the man’s pension had risen to 495,000 Swedish krona.

– The car owner says: – It is absolutely unreasonable for them to ask for something like this Engine serial number.

The workshop owner claims that he was losing money every day due to being unable to rent the parking space where the man’s car was parked.

But the district court gave the car owner rights over the workshop and he will get his car back without having to pay any parking fees.

But a week after the ruling was issued, the man has not yet received his car.

– The situation was terrible, says the car owner.

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