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She took a selfie with Biden – and then she was topless in the White House

She took a selfie with Biden – and then she was topless in the White House

Transgender and influencer Rose Montoya, 27, was invited to the White House Pride event on Saturday.

She took a selfie with US President Joe Biden and posted the photo on Instagram.

“I had the honor of attending the White House Pride Gala, the largest ceremony ever at which the Pride Flag has been flown for the first time. This is a fleeting joy.”Montoya wrote next to her photo with Biden.

– It is an honor. Montoya said, shaking hands with Biden, that transgender rights are human rights.

“Are we topless in the White House?”

Shortly after taking a selfie with Biden, Montoya was photographed flanked by two shirtless men, stripped to her upper body on the White House lawn and clutching her bare breasts.

– Are we naked in the White House ?, heard the person filming in the video, which then spread on the Internet.

A White House spokesperson said Montoya’s actions were “inappropriate and disrespectful”. It is now permanently removed from the White House.

– The people in the video will not be invited again, says the speaker New York Post.

Montoya says it was “completely legal” for her to be topless in the White House.

– I wasn’t trying to be vulgar. I was simply living my joy, my reality, and living in my body,” says Montoya.

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