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shocking! Flexible Ice: Scientists Made Possible This Amazing New Shape That Amazes Science and Technology

United State. – Recently, a scientist Science and the Technique surprised with new search. It’s a new way to flexible ice Created by members from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Such research, of course, has already been published in Science Magazine They explained that this was a real breakthrough when making snow with these properties.

In this regard, it should be noted that water ice is very hard, but rather easily breaks rather than bending. But Limin Tong and his research team made fibers using water vapor, which is directed into a room with a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius. The electric field attracts water molecules to the tungsten needle. The result? Amorphous filaments with a diameter of a few micrometers.

In view of this, the experts were given the task of cooling the ice (even more) between -70 and -150 degrees Celsius to measure the elasticity of the fibers. So, prior to this evaluation, they discovered that its structure was much more flexible than others made up of ice and water. There are even some things that can be bent in circles and divided into straight lines after going back.

Source: Science News official website.

“Previously, the highest experimentally observed elastic deformation in ice was around 0.3%, but now we have 10.9% in ice microfibers, which is much more flexible than any previous ice,” Tong revealed. In addition, the scientist added that the theoretical limit for the elastic deformation of water ice is between 14 and 16.2 percent.

On the other hand, the team was able to examine the strands created and was able to peek into a second form of ice that is much denser than the common type. In turn, they explained, tension in the curved portion may have driven the shift in the ice and that the filaments will be key to understanding this. big changes. Meanwhile, studies in ice physics will continue to better understand its core.

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