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Significant damage after landslides in southern Italy

Intensive rescue work is underway on the island of Ischia after a landslide hit the seaside resort of Casamicciola Terme early Saturday morning, the Italian news agency reported. I forget.

According to the Italian emergency services, a 31-year-old woman died in the landslide, while four people were injured.

The news agency said 11 people were still missing – including two families with children, and 167 people whose homes were destroyed by the landslide.

Great destruction

Pictures from the scene show massive devastation, with cars buried in lumps of mud that dragged through city streets or swept out to sea.

So far 15 buildings have collapsed in the city as a result of the landslide, and according to the prefect of Naples, Claudio Palomba, an intensive rescue operation will continue on Sunday.

He added, “We will continue to search the area until the situation becomes clear to us.” Republic.

difficult weather conditions

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called the country’s government to a meeting on Sunday to declare a state of national emergency in Ischia.

Reinforcements for the rescue service have been sent from Naples, but strong winds and rain make it difficult to reach the island by water and helicopter.

The landslide occurred in Ischia after heavy rains – and during Sunday large amounts of rain continued to fall in the Campania region, where the island is located.

Huge crowds of mud swept through the streets of the seaside resort of Casamicciola Terme during a landslide on Saturday. Photo: Alessandro Garofalo/LaPresse/AP/TT

Cars got stuck in mud after a landslide on the Italian island of Ischia on Saturday.

Cars got stuck in mud after a landslide on the Italian island of Ischia on Saturday. Photo: Salvatore Laporta/AP/TT

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