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Skånska Dagbladet | The police separated in the said trial

– The original advertisement or original as it is also called, is an article written on behalf of an advertiser. The article is integrated into the editorial flow with a clear advertising distinction. It should be clear who the advertiser is. Other than that, the original content works like a regular article – it’s published in the same tool, bypasses ad blockers, contains relevant links and adds reading value.

Why use the mother?

In native language, the advertiser can say things that don’t fit within a normal banner framework. The reading time is long and in fact longer than the reading time for editorial materials. This provides extraordinarily low time with the reader, at least compared to traditional digital advertising. Therefore, Native is excellent for strengthening the brand, building relationships with the reader, and increasing loyalty. In fact, native language works very well for anyone who wants to provide expressions of interest, reservations, or drive for sale.

Should native ads be used instead of banners?

These two types of digital advertising complement each other, not replace them. Banner ads are superior in reach and excellent for simpler and shorter messages. Everything simply does not work in the original format.

Native acts as a brand builder and sales force.

A long reading time is first and foremost an indication of good, readable content. We place high demands on quality and always try to find a convenient and interesting angle for our readers. Then I think the long reading time is related to the reader staying at our side, a familiar, safe and noise-free environment.

What do local advertisers who have tested the native language think?

– We have clients from many different industries who have been citizens of Skå in the past year. Articles are about everything from family, tire replacement, and home manufacturing to secondary education, insurance, and energy solutions. Customers are generally very satisfied with the result. You see tangible results in the form of increased interest from the target group and actual sales. We who work with Indigenous people have learned a lot about what works and how to deconstruct a headline to maintain interest. It’s fun working with this product!

Three tips for successful local marketing

1. Adaptation of the text to the purpose. What is the purpose of the text? Is the purpose to build a brand or do you want to get as many people as possible to register an interest? Start from the target group and find an interesting angle, preferably through a local contact if possible. What made you read the entire text?

2. Interesting titles. The text can be as relevant and well written as possible, but it is of no use if the title does not attract clicks and reading. A good title is the storefront of your content. The title “Scania Advantages” does not work well. On the other hand, if we write “many of the surveyor residents find it difficult to survive,” we get a completely different effect. Therefore, it is important to have several good titles on standby. Optimization is a lot about testing and seeing what works.

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3. The right links in the right place. Whether the purpose of your home country is to promote the brand or collect email addresses, the right-place links and call-to-action are important. A good link is also a service to the reader. If the text is about what to think about when buying winter tires, it is excellent that there is a link to book online. Not much scrolling down so it’s important to get the link early in the text.

Are you interested in a citizen test?

Give us a call or get in touch with our digital product specialist Andrée Friemer. Call 0704-14 26 82 or send an email to [email protected].