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Sky Jumping 2021/22. Are the President and Prime Minister of Poland afraid of Piotr yła? Jumper has a theory

The competition began at the Nizhny Novgorod for the first World Cup. First, our representatives took part in the training and then they started competing in the qualifying competition. Piotr Żyła, who was interviewed for the portal, was also on the Biało-Czerwoni team for this match.

Sky jumping. The greatest success in the life of Piotr yła

The jumper was asked about various issues, including his career success in February 2021. Then, at age 34, the pole reached its peak, with its peak being competition at Oberstdorf. In Germany, the White-Red performed better, resulting in winning the world title on the Ordinary Hill. In an interview, he recalled those moments. – Hard to believe. Everything was working for me then – said.

The next question, as in theory, took the conversation a little more playfully. Żyła should comment on whether that success made any difference in his life or whether it became more popular because of it. “Neither the president nor the prime minister called,” he joked.

Why did the President and the Prime Minister not invite the Polish representative?

Then our jumper continued the thread. – When Adam Malice won, they called him, and then they called Kamil, and when he got the gold, they called David, and we talked to the boys that they even gave him a special cash bonus. We knew they would call me too but fear not! Jokingly, I didn’t care about that. In fact. I put all people on an equal footing. Let everyone do their work and let everyone be equally important. And those who are on the lamp post do not have to call me – said Luya.

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