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Sonos wants to eliminate major weaknesses in its speakers

Sonos wants to eliminate major weaknesses in its speakers

California audio maker Sonos has announced a comprehensive climate action plan. One of the many measures is particularly important because it not only helps the environment, but also makes headphones cheaper.

Sonos seems to take sustainability very seriously. An excerpt from one reads: “We are committed to being climate neutral by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2040.” Company’s last blog post. Many steps to be taken immediately and in the coming years2Reducing company and product emissions – for example, switching to 100% paper packaging (by 2025) or improving the supply chain.

Sonos promises ‘significant reduction in energy consumption’

As a long-time Sonos user, I’m personally particularly pleased with one particular announcement: the speakers are close Significantly more energy efficient will.

Sonos will also use the sleep mode that we introduced for Roam, From 2023 For all new products. With this renewed focus, we will increase the energy consumption of our products over the next decade 35% decrease (…) ”, then advertising.

Sonos One SL consumes 3.4 watts in sleep mode. Next to it comes the Sonos Arc with 4.4 watts (Photo: Giga)

On closer inspection, this point has it all. even if you were live behind the moon For whatever reason environmental protection can’t do anything, electricity consumption at the end of the day is simply a thing of the past cost factor. And here Sonos really still has room for improvement. On the other hand, multi-room speaker customers expect one operational readinessOn the other hand, you have to deal with some Consumption values ​​in standby mode life.

Examples from the current range: the popular Sonos Beam (2nd generation) soundbar consumes 6.3 watts, while the compact Sonos One (2nd generation) itself consumes up to 3.4 watts. This is not exactly a small amount – this output will also be enough to brightly illuminate the living room (with modern LEDs) around the clock. More reserve consumption values It lists Sonos on its overview page employment. By the way, the record holder is Sonos Play: 5 (1st generation), which constantly pulls 8 watts from the socket. Everyone can calculate for themselves the cost of this amount per year (spoiler: about 20 euros).

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The most energy efficient speaker currently in the group is the Sonos Roam (see also GIGA Test Report), and Two levels of energy saving when not in use. In the first stage, the portable amplifier is still “ready to receive” and is waiting for signals. After 30 minutes, it automatically goes into sleep mode and then consumes According to the manufacturer 0.1 watts only. In addition, the device can also be completely manually turned off by pressing the on / off button for 5 seconds.

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