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Space X debris crashes into a sheep barn in Australia

Space X debris crashes into a sheep barn in Australia

The Australian Space Agency has confirmed that American Spacex space debris has crashed into a sheep pen in the snowy mountains of southeastern Australia.

Those are three large bodies, considered the largest to hit the continent since 1979, according to ABC News. Images from the impact site show an object several meters long emerging from the ground.

On July 9 this year, residents nearby heard a loud bang associated with a Dragon space capsule, which was launched in November 2020 and re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on July 9.

Jock Wallace, a farmer who lives near the impact site, says to GS, it’s a bit worrying about large objects falling from the sky.

– If it had landed on one’s house, it would have been a hell of a mess, he says.

Youtube went d. Brad Tucker to look for the thing, and he found it.

What will happen to the wreck is somewhat unclear. Presumably, it will be sent to Spacex, or the company will donate the stuff to researchers in Australia.

The launch of a Space X Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon space capsule in November 2020. Photo: Malcolm Denemark/AP/TT

To date, Spacex has completed 35 missions with the Dragon capsule, which can transport astronauts and cargo into space. The capsule made space history as the first private spacecraft to transport humans to the International Space Station (ISS).

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