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Spain separates from Argentina after its presidential speech

Published on 2024-05-19 19.47

Spain recalled its ambassador “indefinitely” from Buenos Aires, in a very sharp diplomatic move against Argentina, after Argentine President Javier Miley insulted the Spanish Prime Minister during his visit to Madrid.

Miley attended a meeting before the European Union elections with the far-right Vox party in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on Sunday. In his speech, Miley described the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as “corrupt.”

– It is unacceptable for a president visiting Spain to insult Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister – a fact that violates all diplomatic norms and the simplest rules of coexistence between countries, said Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez.

The Foreign Minister said in a televised statement that Miley, with his behavior, caused relations between Spain and Argentina to become the worst in our modern history.

Controversial Argentine President Miley has been in Spain since Friday. In his speech to 11,000 supporters of the Vox party, Miley called on Europe's ultra-nationalists to “unite against socialism,” while also attacking the prime minister's family and the Spanish government's policies.

– Let us not give way to socialism. “We seem to be few, but we have nothing to fear – the battle on the battlefield is not decided by the number of soldiers you have, but by the forces coming from above,” Miley said.

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The far-right French politician Marine Le Pen and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni from the far-right Brotherhood of Italy party also participated in the Fox meeting.