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Speaker Hla Aho does not convene the Swedish Parliament

In a press release on Saturday afternoon, the spokesperson said Josie Halla Aho (True) He will not convene the Swedish Parliament from its summer recess.

Opposition parties demanded a vote of confidence in the Minister of Finance Riga bite (class).

Halla-aho mentions that it is a very unusual procedure to call the Riksdag from his summer vacation. The threshold for that is high and has only happened seven times in the past 60 years.

According to his information, the Parliament (Riksdag) did not convene from recess at the initiative of the opposition.

“The opposition parties’ request, according to my interpretation, relates to a minister’s written comments on his blog and in an online discussion forum as well as the public controversy that has now arisen,” writes Halla-aho.

The discussion forum in question is the comments section of Halla-aho’s previous Scripta blog.

“My point in the matter is that it cannot be compared to the urgent and socially important reasons for which the Riksdag previously convened during the intermission.”

Moreover, he believes that the situation would have been different if the majority of the Swedish parliament had wanted to cancel the summer holidays.

“…Parliamentarism and general principles of democracy dictate approval of the request regardless of the President’s assessment of the importance of the matter. This is not the case now.”

It has not yet been claimed by any of the government parties, not even the SFP, which held a crisis meeting lasting several hours on Friday evening.

Josei Hla-aho also gives the opening to opposition parties not to approach him immediately with their request to convene parliament but to speak publicly about the matter in the media and social media.

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“I interpret this as the intent being to create a power conflict with the speaker and to use pressure from the audience to direct the speaker’s decision-making in a particular desirable direction.”


“The Speaker of Parliament cannot bow to external pressure because he represents Parliament and defends its independence.”

The article has been updated.