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Split over Ukraine as Estonia goes to elections

Estonia’s military support to Ukraine currently accounts for more than one percent of GDP – the largest contribution of any country in relation to its size.

– We support an intelligent, open, friendly and Western-oriented European country, says the Prime Minister Caja calla He says.

It is a position that not everyone shares. The second largest party in the polls is the far-right conservative People’s Party, Ikri, which wants to stop military aid to Ukraine and stop accepting Ukrainian refugees.

The Center Party—traditionally popular with the Russian-speaking minority—supported the government’s position on the Ukraine issue, causing it to lose voters. An important question is how many Russian-speaking voters, who make up a quarter of the population, will stay home instead of going to the polls.

In a February poll, the Islah party was at 28.7 percent and needed to form a coalition to stay in government.

According to political observers, it will be possible to form an alliance with liberal Estonia 200 and the Social Democrats, as well as an alliance with the Christian Democratic Center and Homeland party.

It is believed that the Conservative People’s Party has limited chances of entry into government, as few parties are expected to want to cooperate with them.

Polling stations open at nine o’clock and close at eight o’clock.

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