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Spy addresses revealed on Moscow website

Spy addresses revealed on Moscow website

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A security guard is reflected in a glass pane in a Moscow skyscraper. Many of the Russian capital’s most secret places are openly reported on the city’s website. Archive photo.

Many of Russia’s most secret addresses were revealed on the website of the Moscow city administration. The residence or office of the spies has been put online for public viewing.

It was possible for anyone to find the addresses — many whose mere existence is a state secret — on the city administration website, according to the auditing organization. File Center.

They are listed in a register of over 400 pages in which it has been calculated that properties of such importance must be guaranteed to be supplied with power at all times. These include hospitals, police property, railways and other important infrastructure – but the list continues with special categories for seemingly ordinary property belonging to the Russian Ministry of Defense and intelligence services.

Notorious buildings

Many of the addresses have been the subject of espionage speculation in the past, the File Center wrote, and the official document confirms the rumours.

In a large residential building in the south of Moscow, individual apartments where employees of the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR live or work are listed. In another building in the northern part of the city center, the presence of the GRU military intelligence service can be deduced. Dozens of buildings in Moscow and the surrounding area, according to the record, belong to a security force affiliated with Putin personally, the Federal Security Service (FSO).

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ISt Petersburg lists several luxury summer cottages, in a similar register as they appear to belong to the FSB intelligence service. In many other Russian regions there are similar records, where, for example, military facilities are cleared without further ado.

Punished for wiping

Revealing state secrets like this could lead to several years in prison. The data was removed from the Moscow site after the filing center’s disclosure was published on Monday.

The Dossier Center was founded by former oligarch-in-exile Mikhail Khodorkovsky with the stated aim of mapping corruption in the leadership of the Russian state.