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SSD can be improved, but it won’t be easy

Last week, Valve introduced the Steam Deck, a great-looking gaming laptop that will launch later this year. Since then, one of the questions that remains is whether or not your internal SSD storage will be user-upgradable.

During an exclusive hands-on on Steam Deck, valve hardware engineer Weigh Victims confirmed that the SSD is not soldered to the motherboard, which means that technically a user can upgrade it.

“We’re using a standard M.2 NVMe SSD there,” Suburbia said. “It’s a separate unit — we bucked the trend of placing it directly on the motherboard.”

credit: valve

However, that doesn’t mean upgrading an SSD is easy. “Reparable is something that we really focus on and try to make as salvageable as possible. But it is really intended for people who know what they are doing and have experience doing it.”

These comments coincide with new messages that appeared on the Steam Deck hardware specification page: “All models use 2230m.2 plugged in (not intended to be replaced by the end user).

In other words, the SSD can be upgraded, but it’s not in an accessible location like the PS5’s SSD expansion slot. This means that folks who aren’t afraid to disassemble their drive (and potentially void their warranty down the road) will be able to upgrade their SSD to a compatible 2230 m.2 unit, but it’s not something Valve expects (or recommends) most users do.

Steam Deck will be available in three models: 64 GB for $399, 256 GB for $529, and 512 GB for $649. Stay tuned tomorrow as we delve into the Steam Deck.

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