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Około 200 zgłoszeń wpłynęło w poniedziałek do warszawskiej straży pożarnej po burzy z gradem, która przechodzi nad Mazowszem. Większość z nich dotyczy podtopionych ulic. Pięć samolotów, które miały wylądować na Lotnisku Chopina zostało przekierowanych do innych portów.

Storms in Mazovia. The planes could not land at Sobin Airport

About 200 reports were received by the Warsaw Fire Brigade on Monday after hail in Masovia. Most of them worry about flooded streets. Five planes that were supposed to land at Sobin Airport were diverted to other airports.

The worst effects of the storm were felt by residents of Wochi, Ursus and Femo districts. On June 4, 1989, drivers were unable to enter the viaduct in the alley due to water on the road. Al. Sikorskiko et al. There were also difficulties on the S8 expressway on Lazurova Street.

Due to the storms, there were difficulties in operating the trains of the Warsaw Commuter Railway.

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Firefighters worked outside Warsaw. Among other things, Brinv, Bruskov and Beastow residents reported signals of broken trees and submerged cellars.

There were also problems at the Warsaw Soap Airport. During the storm, a dozen planes circled over the airport, unable to land. Five planes were diverted, including. To Gdańsk and Lublin. A Warsaw airport spokesman confirmed to RMF FM that some of them will now return to the capital as conditions in central Poland begin to improve and calm down.

Thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening were previously reported by IMGW. We expect a few showers and thundershowers across the country in practice this afternoon – Anna Voniak told IMGW Synoptican. Hail is likely in many places, and hurricanes are possible in the east and northeast of the country – She was excluded.

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