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Studio DN about Donald Trump and the primaries

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This is why Trump did not abandon the Republicans

Congressional elections are held every two years, and the years in which there are no presidential elections are called midterm elections. But what is this with the primaries?

Primary elections are when parties must choose their candidates who will then run in the general election. The current primary season runs from May to September. Elections to Congress include the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate, which are both houses of Congress. But in every midterm election, many state governors and other state-level officials are also elected, which is exciting. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the 2020 election, it’s that these people can play a major role, not least in other elections. States also have tremendous power over important matters, much of which is at stake.

The turnout in primaries is often low, much lower than, say, presidential elections. Usually the most enthusiastic voters are the ones who go and vote, what does that mean?

From research, we know that the polarization we talk about a lot in the United States is driven by primary elections. There, the enthusiasts – the primary voters – and those who care most about voting. They often tend to be more specific candidates. We also recognize this from Swedish politics: the party congress is often more radical than the party electorate. They tend to be a major concern for party leaders, and they can be a major concern in American politics as well—getting candidates who stand out more than most voters would like.

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In the midterm elections, things tend to go badly for the party holding the presidency, and it looks just right for Joe Biden’s party, the Democrats. How dark?

There is still a little left until November when the elections will take place, so what you are basically looking for now is whether President Joe Biden is a sink or a float for all the other candidates? At the moment it appears to be a giant sunken. According to the weighting of the latest opinion polls on Biden’s popular personalities, about 41 percent like what he does, while 53 percent oppose him. It’s a lot. Inflation is very high in the United States and leads to dissatisfaction with the White House and how it deals with it. Projections now are that Democrats will lose a majority in the House and possibly also in the Senate, where they have a narrow margin.

Also in the section is about the types of candidates behind Donald Trump – and what voters really think about Trump’s focus on losing the election in 2020.

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DN . studio

This is why Trump did not abandon the Republicans

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