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Suspected tooth found in meatballs at Mamma Scan

When Daniel Johansson ate a second bite of his meatball sandwich with beetroot salad, a piece of his fix broke.

Then he spat out the sting – and made an unpleasant discovery.

– There was a tooth in the meatballs, and it was not mine, he says.

When Daniel Johansson of Norrköping came home from work last Friday, he was going to have something to eat.

I was a little hungry and made a sandwich with meatballs and beetroot salad. It was delicious, until I took the second bite and felt like a part of my tooth was chipped, he says.

He instinctively spat out the food that was in his mouth – and stopped.

– When I spit it out, I see that there is another tooth in the meatball, not mine. He says: I got really nauseous.

The suspected tooth must be sent for analysis

The meatballs that Danielle Johansson intended to enjoy were for a Mama sandwich Scans Noise. Call the company and tell them about the strange thing in the food.

– They said it could be a piece of cartilage, but I really see it as a tooth. He says you can even see the roots of the tooth.

The survey asked him to send the suspected tooth so it could be analyzed afterwards.

– I hope they can compensate me for fixing my broken tooth, he says.

However, he does not think he will ever eat ready-made meatballs again.

– No, from now on I will only eat homemade meatballs. I promised my partner I would buy a meat grinder now, he says and laughs.

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The sandwich that Daniel took a bite of before discovering the abomination.

Suspicious teeth.

Survey: “Has a good understanding of client discomfort”

Charlotte Abrahamson, Scan’s director of communications, wrote that the company regrets the incident. She also writes that Scan can’t yet assess whether or not it’s a tooth that Danielle Johansson encountered at the meatball.

“We’ve been in touch with each other and have asked the customer to send us the item so we can analyze it. It’s essential for us to be able to troubleshoot and provide feedback – an important step in our quality process. With only pictures available we can’t assess what’s going on Exactly about it,” she writes.

She also writes that Scan has never received similar customer complaints or experiences before.

“Our production process should not allow things of this size to go undetected. For example, our mills are 2.5 mm in size, so things larger than that are sorted.”