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Swede Kristof had to escape the heat in Canada: ‘He can barely breathe’

Christoph Stack comes from Jönköping and has been living in Vancouver for a few years now. This weekend he traveled with his wife for a camping vacation out of town and planned to be away for a few days.

But the holiday had to be canceled in advance due to the intense heat wave that swept the country.

– It has become unbearably hot, he says.

As they drove through the town of Lytton, one of the hardest-hit places in Canada, the car’s temperature gauge showed 43 degrees. They reached the camp site – but although there was a lake to cool off in, it was not possible to stay.

– We tried to cool off but it was hot in the bathtub.

They turned around and started driving home to Vancouver.

– When we got back to town on Monday afternoon, there were hardly any people there.

Installing water sprinklers in the city

Vancouver, which recently relaxed its coronary strictures, is again abandoned — but this time because of the heat. Premises and restaurants are closed.

– And in the city, they set up water sprayers in several places so that you can cool off.

Now the temperature has fallen in Vancouver, which on Wednesday morning showed around 25 degrees.

– Now it’s cooler and prettier and looks like it will continue like this next week.

“I’ve never been with anything like this before”

Only in the Vancouver area It is estimated that at least 65 people died Regarding heat.

– My Canadian wife said she had never experienced anything like this before.

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If you had to describe, how does this heat feel?

It’s the desert heat, it’s awful and you can hardly breathe, says Christoph Stack.